Pilot Physical Checklist

Bring Confirmation # from MedXpress

Bring Photo ID

Bring S.O.D.A. — we will make copy for your file

Bring glasses/contacts

If you have an AASI, bring the Special Issuance Letter from FAA with required medical information as outlined in letter

If you’ve had recent surgery, bring letter of release from treating physician

Kidney Stone –  FAA requires letter from treating physician and a copy of scan/x-ray regarding presence of stones and likelihood of future occurrences.

OSA –  Follow AASI guidelines

DUI –  See AME Guide regarding protocol  http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ash/ash_programs/investigations/airmen_duidwi/

ADD/ADHD, Anxiety and Depression Medications require a deferral to FAA for consideration

Asthma – Use of daily medications for asthma control require letter from treating physician as well as PFT/Spirometry within 90 days of exam, see CACI Conditions below

CACI Conditions – See list in FAA Guide for these relatively common conditions and requirements (e.g. hypertension, hypothyroidism, asthma, etc.)


Lasik Surgery – within 2 years of exam requires letter of release & completion of form 8500-7 by treating physician