1st, 2nd, and 3rd Class – $135

EKG* – $65

Special Issuance* – $40 – $75

Office Consultation* – $50 – $150

Coordination of Care* – $75

After Hours* – $75

*EKG – Needed for 1st Class ONLY; Baseline needed at age 35; Yearly starting at age 40+.

*Special Issuance fee is for an established case and varies with condition and amount of records for review and submission.

*Office Consultation fee varies with condition/issue.  There is significant amount of time/work to apply for Special Issuance for conditions such as diabetes, coronary disease, mental health issues, and DUI.

*Coordination of Care fee is for calls/interaction with FAA or primary care/treating physician.  There are cases where the AME can call the FAA to present a case and get a verbal authorization to issue.  Applicants are often referred to local consultants for testing and need direction re. FAA requirements.

*After Hours fee is an additional charge for visits after the office is closed and are sometimes available in the evening or on weekends. To arrange, send an email to bruce@brucehollinger.com or call 615-730-6081 and leave a voice mail.

Methods of Payment:

Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Card*

A small processing fee is added for credit card payments.